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Wow! Seventy years has gone in a flash, and the circle has almost completed. An old saying comes to ..
Weight Off Your Mind
A scientific, evidence-based approach to end binge eating, improve body image, and facilitate weight..
What Can I See?
What Can I See? is a fun, interactive book aimed at 0–5-year-olds featuring shape, similarities and ..
When Three's A Crowd
‘The bloody dogs are fighting again! That’s it, one of them has to go!’ Stuart Harris, Trish’s husb..
White People Are Nomads
A contemporary parable depicting the layers of life-the social, cultural, historical, political, and..
Xalien the Purple Alien
When Xalien’s spaceship crashes to Earth, she is befriended by three children. Jessica, Adam and Sar..
Your Mind, a Burning City
“Chelsea had a smile on her face, her head dangling lifelessly with her eyes wide open, staring into..
Based on 3 reviews.
Your Subconscious Bodyguards - The Good News About PTSD
  The Battle Against PTSD Related Suicide There are 22 veterans a day committing suicide ..
Based on 12 reviews.
Sapacoot Ate My Boot
In the tallest tree in town sits Sapacoot, a mishevious, lonesome bat who eats junk and loves to MUN..
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