In the Life of Another Day and Time

In the Life of Another Day and Time
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In the Life of Another Day and Time is the story of a young girl Beryl. At the young age of 9 years old she was taken from her grandfather’s home after her mother placed her there, with her siblings for protection from the Welfare Department. Beryl's mother joined her criminal boyfriend on the run from Authorities. 

Beryl and her sibling were taken by the Welfare Department. Beryl's brothers were placed into The Salvation Army home with Beryl and her sister Deeann being placed in the Bidura Girls Detention Centre. Following this Beryl was placed into the Burnside Presbyterian Homes for Children, without her sister, but with her brothers Donny, Gary, Bobby. Beryl was there for over two years and her brothers were there longer, without any contact from their mother.

Their mother was tracked down and told that if she didn’t make contact with her children, they would be made wards of the state and would adopted or sent out to foster parents. There was already a couple who were in contact with Beryl and her siblings and who wanted to adopt them, giving them a permanent home away from the Burnside Presbyterian Homes for Children.

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