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Adventure Story
1848—a time when thousands of Euro-settlers are pouring into America seeking a new life. A romantic ..
Based on 7 reviews.
Two troubled young adults find themselves key players in a deadly game that spans the 21st century a..
Based on 8 reviews.
Five-Minute Hero
Five-Minute Hero and Other Stories is a collection of intense and tender short stories about love, m..
The "Queen's Own" Ulster Soldier
The "Queen's Own" Ulster Soldier, paints an unforgettable portrait of the British Empire at the pinn..
The Bosuns’ Quests for Fairer Skies
A two part story portraying the ancestry of one man, whose heritage evolved from two different cultu..
The Cornish Captains of Industry
John Henry Reynolds was destined to be a captain of industry during the early pioneering days of Aus..
The Siege of Masada
An ancient fortress ... A desperate last stand ... Trapped in a time she doesn't belong ... ..
Based on 5 reviews.
Unfinished Business
Bryan returns to a town he hasn't visited for almost fifty years. A simple task awaits him; to say g..
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